Green Cleaning & Supplies

Indoor air quality is one of the top five environmental risks today, according to the EPA. Air pollution indoors can be 2 to 5 times higher than the air we breathe outside! Environmentally Green Cleaning services offered by PBM are an important way to minimize or reverse this trend, “cleaning for health” without harming the environment.

Benefits Include

  • Improve Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Improve worker productivity and health (diminishing sick time)
  • Increase building operational efficiency
  • Reduce long-term property costs
  • Enhance company/building image
  • Improve employee and/or tenant morale
  • Cleaning Processes

    Daily disinfecting of light switches and doorknobs to minimize cross contamination Color coded mop and cleaning cloth system for separate rooms (i.e. restrooms, offices) A comprehensive carpet and walk-off mat cleaning program will enhance the appearance of your facility and improve indoor air quality. Carpet cleaning for cleanliness rather than appearance only will assist your efforts to achieve a “green” facility.

    Chemicals Used

    Metal free floor cleaning and stripping products
    Metal free cleansers
    No glycol ethers, ammonia or phthalates
    No aerosols or powders (to minimize airborne particulates)

    Equipment Used

    Micro Filtration Vacuums (96% efficiency at 1 micron or greater)
    Usage of Micro-fiber wet mops, dust mops and cleaning cloths
    Disposable dust sleeves instead of feather dusters
    Floor machines with dust guards, vacuum and filter system.


    Chlorine free and recycled paper products
    30% post-consumer recycled refuse liners
    pH neutral hand soap